Construction Managers and Contractors E&O

Construction and contracting professionals face potential liabilities by assuming the role of a general or specialized contractor, builder, project manager and owner’s representative. This coverage addresses allegations of negligence that a contractor, environmental consultant or design professional may face.

E&O / Professional Liability Features

  • Equity Interest – if the insured or spouse has less than 49% ownership interest
  • Joint Venture coverage
  • Worldwide coverage if suit is brought to the US
  • Network security and privacy liability coverage (optional)
  • Supplemental reimbursement coverage for disciplinary and ADA/OSHA/FFHA proceedings
  • Design/build coverage available
  • Mediation deductible credit
  • Project Specific policy primary and excess coverage

Pollution Features

  • No exclusion for asbestos, lead, mold respirable dust or gypsum wallboard
  • Transportation pollution including loading and unloading vehicles
  • From treatment, storage, recycling or disposal of waste at a non-owned facility
  • Cost for government mandated clean up

What’s covered?

  • Faulty workmanship
  • Defective materials or products in your work
  • Coverage for in-house design professionals as well as the insured’s vicarious liability from hiring professional subconsultants
  • Coverage for both agency construction management and at-risk construction management
  • Contractors involved in BIM, LEED, building commissioning, value engineering, constructability review or design-assist

Types of Contracts/Activities:

  • Design Only: Perform design services only with no contractual obligations for construction or construction management (CM)
  • Construction Only: Perform as general or specialty contractor with no contractual obligations for design or CM services
  • Agency CM: Provide project administration, project management or CM services as agent of owner but hold no design or construction subcontracts
  • At-Risk CM: Provide CM services during preconstruction and self-perform or hold and manage all construction subcontracts during construction
  • Design-Build with In-house Design: Assume a contractual obligation for design and construction where design is performed by in-house employees
  • Other: Revenue generated from sources other than the above contract types/activities

Eligible Classes

Construction managers, Design-Builders, General Contractors, Acoustical, Concrete, Drywall, Elevator, Exhibit, Fire Sprinkler, Fiber Optics, Forensic Experts/Consultants, Highway, Landscape, Millwright, Pool/Spa, Scientists, Signage, Testing Labs, Technical Consultants, Telecommunications, Window Installer, Energy Auditors, Biologists, Archaeologist, Sprinkler Designers, Instrumentation Control Engineers, LEED Consultants, Corrosion Engineers, Geologists, Environmental Engineers, Storm Water Specialists, Wetland Consultants, Air Balancers, Audio-Visual Consultants, Facilities Managers, Certified Planners and more

Coverages and exclusions differ by carrier and by state. Specific concerns can be discussed with an underwriter.

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