Privacy and Security Insurance

Let us help you with your coverage for privacy and security insurance for any healthcare facility, hospital or physician practice. Virtually every facility handles some type of private or confidential information, be it the social security numbers of employees, sensitive information obtained from vendors, or medical records of patients. Potentially catastrophic liability could be incurred if this information falls into the wrong hands or becomes public.

We can offer:

  • AM Best "A" rated or better
  • Primary/Excess/Umbrella
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Failure of an insured's computer network security
  • Wrongful release or disclosure of information
  • Failure to protect personally identifiable information from misappropriation
  • A violation of any federal, state, or local privacy statute - HIPAA Privacy Rule
  • Crisis management expense including:
    • Costs to notify consumers of a data breach
    • Costs to provide credit monitoring
    • Reasonable and necessary printing, advertising and mailing of materials
    • Retaining a public relations firm
  • Broad definition of unauthorized access including theft or loss or paper records
  • Provides defense and damages on insured's behalf including:
    • Defense of Privacy Breach investigations by governmental authorities
    • Can include the portion of privacy regulatory settlements or judgments used to fund the payment of patient claims
  • Coverage sublimit dedicated to regulatory fines and penalties
  • Supplementary payments
  • Breach mitigation costs and rewards reimbursement up to $250,000 limit
    • Higher limits available
    • Extends to private data entrusted to a third party

Minimum Premium: $750

Coverages and exclusions differ by carrier and by state. Specific concerns can be discussed with an underwriter.

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