Mobile Home Parks

Mobile home park owners face a host of general liability and property exposures brought on by having numerous people reside on the property. This program addresses the specific risks faced by mobile home parks.


  • Up to 500 pads per location
  • Liability coverage for common space, including but not limited to playgrounds, pools, sports courts, recreation centers, park-owned mobile homes, etc.
  • Property coverage for park grounds and park-owned facilities (i.e. recreation centers, club houses, etc.) with values up to $10,000,000 per location


  • Low minimum premiums
  • Liability coverage limits up to $2,000,000/$4,000,000
  • Rating based on number of pads
  • Credits available for members of trade associations
  • Hired and non-owned auto coverage in most states
  • Outdoor property coverage (fences, trees, landscape)
  • Loss of rent coverage

Claim Examples:

A tenant in a mobile home park was on a walk one evening when she tripped over a railroad tie on a pedestrian pathway along the park grounds. Her fall left her with immobilizing hip pain and stitches in her forehead. The head injury developed into a diagnosed “brain atrophy” increasing the medical payments significantly. A total of $168,578 was paid out for this claim.

A mobile home park resident was returning to the park on his motorcycle. Upon entering the gated park, the security gate unexpectedly came down on his shoulder forcing him off of his motorcycle. This resulted in injury to his shoulder and his leg, requiring medical treatment. The claim totaled over $68,000.

Coverages and exclusions differ by carrier and by state. Specific concerns can be discussed with an underwriter.

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