Personal Umbrella

We write unsupported personal umbrella liability for the broadest range of applicant types in the industry. We offer coverage for preferred, standard and high risk households, as well as high profile individuals and farm and ranch owners.

  • Operators between 23 and 90 years old
  • Driving discounts apply
  • Unlimited number of autos, RVs and watercraft up to 75’
  • Up to fifteen 1-4 family residential locations
  • Ten convictions in a household (3 years)
  • Five fault accidents in a household (3 years)
  • Any major category conviction in a household (3 years)
  • Admitted and Non Admitted

Coverage Features:

  • Optional excess UM/UIM available up to $1,000,000, $25,000 included in base rates
  • Broad definition of bodily injury and personal injury
  • True umbrella with drop down coverage for non owned watercraft up to 26’, non owned RVs and non owned autos outside the US
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Zero deductible
  • No aggregate limits
  • Coverage for both pre and post judgement interest
  • Personal umbrella can be written in the name of individuals, trusts, LLCs, LLPs or the estate of, if primary residence is included
  • Automatic renewals with no renewal applications required
  • Direct Bill at new business and renewal

Farm and Ranch Owners:

  • Farm revenues up to $1 million
  • 3000 acres
  • 250 grazing animals
  • Underlying liability must be on a personal lines form
  • Designed for high profile individuals such as pro athletes, entertainers, politicians, Fortune 500 CEOs, TV and radio personalities and authors

Attachment Requirements:

  • $250,000/$500,000/$100,000 or $300,000 CSL for autos, home, watercraft or RVs
  • $500,000/$500,000/$100,000 or $500,000 CSL for autos and watercraft for any account defined to be at risk
  • $500,000/$500,000/$100,000 or $500,000 CSL for autos and personal liability for any farm and ranch applicant
  • $500,000 C.S.L. or $500,000/$500,000/$100,000 for all exposures - Celebrity Applicants
  • $1,000,000 for any watercraft 51’-75’.
  • $1,000,000 for any auto or watercraft where there is an operator age 90 or over

Coverages and exclusions differ by carrier and by state. Specific concerns can be discussed with an underwriter.

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