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  • An auto used by a church to transport persons to or from services and other church related activities.


  • Autos owned and operated by a business and used for their business (i.e. restaurants, dentist office, sports associations) with no more than an incidental (20% of trips) airport exposure. This includes: Outfitters & Guides (rafting, fishing, camping, hunting, ballooning), Casino Shuttles, Ski Shuttles, Hotel Shuttles, Bingo Buses and Other Courtesy Shuttles.

Day Care

  • Autos owned by a day care provider and used to transport children to and from various pick-up points, field trips, and miscellaneous errands and activities that are within the scope of day care operations.

Social Service

  • Autos used by a government entity, civic, charitable or social service organization to provide transportation. This includes alcohol/drug rehabilitation centers, boy or girl scout groups, counseling centers, domestic violence centers, group/foster homes, homeless shelters and youth centers.


  • Autos that carry students or other persons to and from school, or in any school activity including games, outings and similar school trips. School bus includes Head Start buses where autos are used exclusively for the Head Start program.

Coverages and exclusions differ by carrier and by state. Specific concerns can be discussed with an underwriter.