Unique Risk

Transportation's Miscellaneous Group consists of just some of the following:

Driver Training Schools

  • Includes Educational Institutions & Commercial Driving Schools

Specialized Delivery

  • Magazine/Newspaper Delivery - commercial, bulk delivery, not house-to-house delivery; no couriers
  • Mail/Parcel Post - hauling for the US Postal Service or other major parcel post delivery services like Federal Express, DHL or UPS
  • Oil Field Delivery - delivery of oil field equipment, to oil field drilling sites


  • Bobtail Deadhead
  • Coverage for the trucker when not engaged in the business of transporting property for hire


  • Food Manufactures - autos used by food manufacturers to transport raw products to the processing plant or transport the finished food products to the distributor

Security Patrol

  • Autos used by security companies as patrol units
  • Patrols are not responding to alarms

Coverages and exclusions differ by carrier and by state. Specific concerns can be discussed with an underwriter.